NYC Hacker Growth Event Takeaways

For those of you who were unable to attend the NYC Hacker Growth Event or are interested in what was discussed, I thought I’d share a summary of my notes with you below.  Apologies they are brief, but maybe they will help you generate some ideas!

NYC Hacker Growth Event Page


Matt Wyndowe (Facebook Product Manager)

Andy Johns (Director of Growth & Revenue, Wealthfront and formerly at Facebook, Twitter, Quora)

Elliot Shmukler (VP Product, Wealthfront and formerly at eBay and LinkedIn; Currently )

Notes from NYC Hacker Growth:

  • Growth is a combination of product and marketing
  • Traditional marketing was separate from the product; they focused on distributing the product
  • We see with the internet that the product needs to market itself
  • E.G. LinkedIn didn’t have to buy a paid ad or strike promotional ads because the product was designed for growth
  • Growth involves designing a product that markets itself
  • You need a product visionary to lead the product
  • Product-market fit is the first goal; just get people to love your product
  • Product should have organic adoption and as it grows it’s about removing friction from the product rather than changing the product to bring in more customers
  • Initially, look at data to increase the strength areas of the product and less focus on solving the weakness to achieve initial rapid growth
  • But Note: quick growth is not necessarily good growth all the time, but this depends on your business and product (e.g.handmade goods is difficult to achieve initial rapid growth)
  • Want to attract power users first because power users attract other power users
  • Growth vs. Churn and Retention: When you hit the top of the S-curve with growth through acquisition, then change focus to churn and retention
  • For really early stage companies, focus on just the product and not on striking deals with large companies/partnerships (but this depends on business as well)
  • Strategies selling to b2b vs. b2c would require a different approach which could involve a team such as sales force to target
  • Email is important and most effective for growth today; email needs to be treated as an extension of the product not just as a marketing tool
  • Andy Dunn is an Amazing moderator and hilarious!!

If you have notes or comments you’d like to share from the event, please comment below or reply to the tweet @tiffanydstone!


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