Travel the World with Cultr.Club

I am excited to share this guest post from Evans, founder of Cultr.Club – congrats on the recent launch!  Cultr.Club is a subscription service for cultural explorers.  Each culture kit* (subscription box) includes a culture guide, specialty magazine, digital mixtape, edible treat, and artisan gift.

As a frequent and passionate traveler, I am very excited about this travel service and believe it will help invite the curiosity to travel to each of its members.  Unlike many other subscription services, Cultr.Club is educating individuals with each product and helping them discover a new part of the world.

Cultr.Club is currently offering a 20% discount on their first culture kit with the code ‘BrightEyes’ to show its support for BrightEyes – a program dedicated to helping students develop their careers and professional network!

*Each culture kit is $45.  Cultr.Club ships worldwide and offers free shipping in the U.S.  The inaugural Panama release is limited to 250 members only.


Culture Kit Items_CultrClub

 Guest post from Evans, founder of Cultr.Club.

Anyone can be an entrepreneur nowadays. Advancements in technology have enabled everyone from the corner barber to your very own grandmother to launch a product. With the explosion of the Lean Startup movement, publicized by Eric Ries, all it takes is a dollar and a dream, sometimes literally, to launch a company. This has both helped and hindered the movement.

On one hand it levels the playing field. Visionaries can exploit missed opportunities in the marketplace that established companies leave on the table – either because they have no incentive to change or simply do not know how. On the other hand, because barriers to entry have decreased while access to capital has increased, they fall victim to larger than life ambitions. This “Blurred Lines Effect” is when startups try to cater to every vertical and horizontal market that remotely relates to their product. Just because you can build anything you can imagine doesn’t mean you should. Sadly, I learned this lesson firsthand.

The tourism industry is ripe for innovation in all areas from housing (Airbnb) to tour operation (Vayable) to culinary curation (FindEatDrink). I had ambitions to transform the industry with an app focused on curated culture and meaningful sharing. Problem is, my team and I could not get the project off the ground for a variety of reasons. What started out as a travel concierge club turned into a hybrid travel guide, social network, and customer service center. I was getting no where and fast.

I spent many nights with my head stuck in a Starbucks’ cup trying to assure myself that my passion for the project remained. To prove it I flipped through my thick leather notebook of great ideas dating back to 2007. They all had some element of cultural exploration. Convinced that my heart was still in the game I went back to the drawing board and rethought my company agenda.

My solution is a leaner startup approach where I focus on different ideas, in the simplest form, and let them grow organically and individually. This “conscious uncoupling” allows the products to best serve their individual purpose. Trust me, it is not a loss of faith in my grande vision but a realistic assessment of my available resources and capabilities. Look around you, even established companies are taking note and exploring singular focused agendas slightly outside of their core competencies. Instagram did it with the Bolt app and Facebook did it with its Paper app. Niche just became super niche.

I am proud to say that I am staying the course by focusing on the one thing of value I can offer the industry – cultural context, which distinguishes me from other ventures. I am a culturist who has studied and traveled abroad for extended periods of time studying economic, regulatory, and culturally landscapes. I bring that experience to the newly relaunched Cultr.Club (“Culture Club”), a subscription service for cultural explorers. We travel the world exploring different cultures and send members a box of artifacts to experience it for themselves.

I intend to share the beauty of the world one member at a time.  Wish me luck. See you on the other side.


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