Invest in People

I believe in investing in people.  When I was in college actively searching for internships and a full-time job, I only wished for one thing: someone to invest in my potential and believe that if given the opportunity, I will succeed.

We are all startups. We have plans to succeed, we have visions and dreams, we face unexpected challenges that change our course, we sometimes fail and we will require the help of others to succeed.

In my junior year of college, I booked a trip to New York in hopes to meet someone that would be willing to mentor me and help me land a job in my dream city.  I reached out to alumni through e-mails, letters and phone calls, asking them to meet with me.  I was able to only land a handful of meetings, but I was determined to meet more when I arrived.  From the day I arrived in NY, I was jumping in and out of cabs and subways, and running around in my heels to make it to my meetings.  The experience was exhilarating but also terrifying.  With each meeting, I learned more about myself and what I wanted because I gained industry knowledge through conversations, I learned how the companies were structured, and I was able to see the culture and jobs that were masked behind the prestigious logos and tall buildings.  I found out what I didn’t know and what I needed to know to succeed in the industry.  I realized that this was what I really came to New York for.  I was referred to more individuals through my existing meetings and even ended up extending my flight last second to meet with a few more individuals.  It was a life-changing experience and one that I will always thank myself for.

I was determined to share this experience with others and so I founded BrightEyes in my last year of college.  I am very excited to share that last Sunday, we completed our second BrightEyes Study Tour.  This year’s Study Tour was focused on the startup and venture capital industries.  We selected 5 student entrepreneurs from UC San Diego to travel to San Francisco and Silicon Valley for 4 days to meet with industry professionals and tour startups and VC’s.

You can read about the trip on the BrightEyes Blog.



Apply for BrightEyes’ 2014 Startup & Venture Capital Program


A few students will be selected this school year to travel to San Francisco/Silicon Valley for 4-5 days, where they will have the opportunity to meet and network with UCSD alumni in the Startup and Venture Capital industry and take company tours. The program aims to help students develop their own career interests as well as provide them with the necessary tools and guidance to be successful. Additionally, we work closely with the students to help them obtain internships or full-time positions within the industry.

If you are a student entrepreneur or a student interested in joining a startup or breaking into the venture capital industry, we strongly encourage you to apply. Please see below for application deadlines.

BrightEyes Application Process:

1. Send Resumes to [] by January 10th 12:00 PM (Optional: Cover Letter)

2. Written Assessment| January 31st

3. Phone Interviews | February 7th – February 14th

4. Final Applicants will be notified if chosen for program

+ Undergraduate UCSD Student

Please submit all resumes/cover letters to We look forward to reviewing your application.

+ Network with UCSD Alumni
+ Explore Opportunities in Venture Capital & Start Up
+ Take company tours in Silicon Valley and San Francisco



BrightEyes is a program dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to experience a potential career and grow their knowledge and network in an industry.

BrightEyes on UCSD Campus


BrightEyes is a mentorship program dedicated to providing students with an opportunity to experience potential careers and grow their knowledge and network in an industry. A few exceptional students will be selected each school year to travel to a city for four days, where they will have the opportunity to explore an industry by meeting with industry-leading companies and engaging with industry professionals.

The program aims to foster student career development by allowing the students to obtain necessary tools and guidance to be successful. Students can leverage the knowledge and network obtained on the trip to help achieve post-graduate employment and career mentorship. Additionally, BrightEyes continues to work closely with the students following the trip to help them obtain internships or full-time positions within the industry.

Learn more about BrightEyes here.