NYE 2013: Self-Reflect, Learn, Remind & Take Action.

I was hesitant to write this post as I realize I’m about to share more from my heart than from my head.  Only my very first post was a personal post…But I think my readers deserve to get to know me a little better.

2013 was my first full year outside of California.  It wasn’t easy being so far away from friends and family, and I found myself searching for any excuse to visit home (frequent flight deals made it too easy!).  But don’t get me wrong, I Love New York and don’t have any regrets about the day I said yes to the job that would fly me to the other coast.  I’ve learned to not only adapt but also embrace the density of the city, the constant energy in the streets, the intimidating tall buildings, the always-crowded restaurants and lounges, the rush on the subways, and even the snow (but more so because the humid summers are so much worse..).  I also love that the east coast brings me so much closer to Europe, where most of my 2014 travels will be planned!  And I have to share that I am now able to walk numerous blocks in high heels (my Rainbows have been a little idle).

It’s been a tough but very fun year trying to balance my full-time job as a valuation analyst with my new blog and increased involvement in the NY tech community.  I love the challenge.  It fuels me and makes me feel alive.

If you’ve been following my recent tweets, you will notice a number of mentions about 3D Hubs, a collaborative platform for 3D printer owners and 3D makers (Check them out!).  I’ve been assisting the 3D Hubs US team in their efforts to build out their US presence and some of you may have seen my blog post for their new Designer Series on Francis Bitonti (more to comeJ!).  Looking back, I feel very fortunate to have come across these opportunities.  But I am even more grateful for the friends I’ve made along the way this past year.  Each new friend opened my mind and eyes a little more, taught me something new, helped me find my passion and gave me the confidence to take risks as I pursue my passions.  To my new friends, if you’re reading this, thank you.

Looking forward, I hope to foster both the old and new relationships and grow with them.  Relationships are hard to maintain in our busy schedules, and I would argue that friendship can sometimes be more easily lost than gained without constant effort, especially as we get older because new priorities emerge.  As such, my first new year’s resolution is to always be connecting (My A-B-C) with family, friends and even acquaintances.  This also encompasses connecting with new individuals as well.  I believe often times the most powerful conversations we have are with strangers because the new stories and information exchanged help us discover something about ourselves and the world in that very moment.

My second resolution is to take more risks.  Looking back on 2013, I’ve realized I am more risk averse than I believed myself to be.  Today, twenty-somethings are more focused on getting ahead in their careers early on and establishing a stable income after a few years of work.  Financial instability is not as acceptable as it was in previous generations as education and resources are more readily available for our generation (we have the benefit of both online and offline learning tools), preparing us better to attain a job opportunity.  But we have to recognize the world is taking more risks on our generation and our ideas.  The most recent investments in what may have initially appeared as a crazy idea (well, I still think Snapchat is crazy…) was a door to endless opportunities for development in science, health, finance, education, human interaction and so much more.  Not sure where my first risky step will be, but I promise you it will be towards something I am passionate about and that I believe will change and improve people’s lives, and not driven by financial incentives.

My third resolution is to continue to be forever young.  There are some things you can only do when you’re young and I plan to not miss out.  I travelled a lot in 2013 and I intend to do that again!  Travel is a beautiful experience to me.  It is the perfect combination of isolation and constant interaction, a discovery process both within and around us.  I also challenge myself to be more spontaneous, something I believe is a behavior of the youth and will keep us on our toes.  Sometimes, too much thinking holds us back from a great opportunity!  As one professor in college once advised me, “Just do it, Tiffany!  Head down and go for it!”  One of the best advices I’ve ever gotten.

And some final thoughts and goals…

A year from today, I hope to continue to share interesting blog posts with my family, friends and readers.  I admire individuals who have been blogging for many years.  Consistent posts aren’t easy and I found that out after only 4 months!

A year from today, I hope to be doing more of what I love.

A year from today, I wish to still not have any regrets because I never didn’t “Just Do It”.

Happy New Year, Friends!  


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