Happy Birthday tiffanydstone.com

Exactly 1 year ago I published my first post. When I first started, I had so many ideas and thoughts I wanted to write about that the pace at which I was publishing posts couldn’t keep up with what was going on in my head. A year later, I have built an online library of my thoughts and interests to share with the world.

This blog has opened my mind up to the world. It has challenged me to formulate a unique opinion on many different areas and share it with others. It’s difficult to be a contrarian and even more difficult to be in agreement but for reasons different than the obvious ones. Forming a true opinion requires understanding more than the topic itself and being able to identify parallels or points of intersection with other ideas or events. This means asking a lot of questions, reading and researching, and talking to people. And when we are able to do this, we realize how transparent and comprehensible the world becomes.

I encourage others to write not only because it is a valuable learning experience, but also because we become more self-aware in the process. We are able to hear ourselves when we read our writings. Our writings expose our thoughts and emotions. I believe self-awareness is what enables us to improve ourselves and grow.

These days, your voice can be louder online than elsewhere, and people will listen more by reading. The internet is powerful and it has allowed me to be heard. I challenge you to bring your voice online and through writing.

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